Friday, April 13, 2007

Eggcelent Easter!

Okay, pretty corny! But it was! We just had the nicest Easter I remember having for a long time! Dinner was super yummy- Thanks to Allison's amazing ham! The kids had a really nice time playing together and hunting for eggs! It was just a nice day.

Adam is just delighted with the Easter Bunny sugar cookies that Aunt Allison brought! He ate the whole huge cookie! Wish we had an after picture too-it was quite the mess...:)


allison said...

Super cute family picture! Glad Adam enjoyed that funny little cookie so much...don't you just love how kids are so easy to please sometimes?

Winnie said...

Cute picture! How do you get your kids to stay still altogether to take a picture? We have a hard time, so we just take random individual pictures.